Launching of ICWM Chennai Unit

A group of 12 women met at the home of the Regional Coordiator and National Team Member Aruna Gnanadason in Chennai on 16th January, 2018. Sadly the 3 Catholic women were not present.

It was a very good start. What became very clear is just how much the women welcomed this venture of an Indian Christian Women’s Movement. As the time progressed there was a lot of personal sharing of the struggles women face (as trans women; as disabled women; as ordained women; as women teaching in theological colleges......we were happy we could build a bond by the shared experiences of violence in many forms women in India experience!) The issue of sexuality came up also from the ordained women (Rev. Dr. Krubha); the disabled woman (Dr. Aiswarya) and the transwoman (Olga. Aaron)! There was a clamour to keep the next meeting will be on March 6 (to be called by Jayachitra - a Dalit and feminist theologian). There were one or two voices of dissent to the idea of a regional meeting saying "let us do something....not have another meeting." But others said we need to consolidate ourselves as a group so need a meeting!

The potential for this group to grow is strong so give it a little time! In the meantime, I will pursue the three Catholic women and more women - each one has committed themselves to invite more women in. The topic of the March meeting will be Transwomen and the upcoming Bill to protect their rights.

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