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The Indian Christian Women’s Movement fully supports Naga Women’s demand for 33% reservation in the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and takes strong exception to the opposition of the male dominated tribal bodies to giving reservation to women citing customary laws.

We condemn the violence used to prevent the polls from being held and the police high handedness that caused the death of two persons.

We call upon the Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) to respect the directive of the Gawhati High Court to allow elections to be held.

We admire the fact that Nagaland has one of the highest literacy rates in the country, especially that of women which stands at 76.11%. Thus it is untenable that Naga women be held back from standing for elected office. We therefore call upon the men of Naga society to recognize and value the contribution that Naga women in elected office in ULBs can make towards the betterment of the cities in the State and its environment by their participation in these decision making bodies.

We also call upon the State Government to initiate a dialogue between the JCC and women’s groups so that the constitutionally valid right of women to stand for ULB elections will be acknowledged and accepted and the long standing stalemate in holding local elections will end.

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Noella D’Souza MCJ                                                                        Virginia Saldanha

Convenor                                                                                         Secretary

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