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While visiting Delhi, Virginia called together a group of 7 women on Saturday 21st November 2015 to put in place a team for Delhi region. Those present were: Pearl Drego, Sr. Veronica BS, Sr. Neethi SSpS, an SVD priest, Sr Shalini pvbm, Sr. Rita Puthenkalam scn, and Ms. Shimray of Caritas India. Two Ecumenical women Mavis Russel of CNI and Shashi (Gen. Sec. of YWCA) who promised to cooperate with ICWM could not be present as they already had a previous appointment on Saturday afternoon. The meeting was held on Saturday November 22 at TACET Academy, (Pearl’s residence) in New Delhi.

A Delhi Unit of ICWM was formed with Sr. Veronica BS as the Co-ordinator on Saturday November 22 when a group of 7 women and one SVD priest met at TACET Academy, in New Delhi. YWCA Delhi has agreed to partner with ICWM Delhi as well as Mrs. Mavis Russel, President, Women’s Fellowship of Delhi Diocese, CNI. Sr. Veronica BS and Sr. Shalini PVBM in collaboration with YWCA Delhi went to work immediately to organize a programme to create awareness about Violence to Women.

Shimray said it is the right time for women to voice their concerns and be heard. We need to engage men and not be seen as anti men. Sr. Shalini PVBM volunteered to work on the next meeting.

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