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Updated: Jul 4, 2018

In collaboration with YWCA Mumbai, ICWM organized a 1 day meeting to discuss the Uniform Civil Code on 9th August, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at YWCA, Andheri. After the welcome from YWCA, Raynah and Sr. Julie gave the introduction to the ICWM, an presented the background, Vision, Objectves and Strategies. We then had Advocate Susan Abraham and Adv. Jaya Menon presenting diferent perspectives of the Uniform Civil Code.  We had a very lively discussion as this drew the interest of the 40 persons present  (which included 3 Catholic priests, 1 Brother, and one CNI priest).

Advocate Flavia Agnes sent a paper on proposed Christian Law Amendments which was  read in part and Adv. Jay explained it.  Then it was felt that it is best the paper be explained by Adv. Flavia so a later date could be fixed.

There was a good discussion on laws relating to inter-religious marriage, marriage break-up and the rights of women, live-in relationships and bigamy.  Stereotypes on women in the family was also discussed briefly.  There was a suggestion that when we meet again we should have a discussion on patriarchy.

16 women joined ICWM from this meeting.  So now Mumbai ICWM has 21 members.

Our Mumbai Core Team is as follows:

Co-ordinator – Dr. Usha Ubale – Church of North India

Dr. Astrid Lobo-Gajiwala,

Elsa ‘Cruz – (YWCA)

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