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Our member Sr. Leena D’Costa reports about the programme that was organized in her school.

Jyothi Social Work Centre associated with Jyothi School, Bangalore & Auxilium Nava Jeevan Kammanhalli, observed the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women & Orange day, where all took a pledge : “WE SAY NO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.” On that day all wore orange flowers & it will be worn by all up to 10th Dec. The colour orange is chosen by the UN to symbolize the desire for a bright violence free future for all women.

The programme began with a prayer dance and prayer invocation for no violence against women. Sr. Leena D’Costa spoke on the importance of the day in her introductory speech. Kumari Anush gave a speech on atrocities & exploitation done to girl children and women. She said that we need to be united to fight for our rights. Nava Jeevan children enacted a skit which gave the message not to ill-treat domestic workers.

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