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To create a sisterhood of solidarity:

  • that will work to change unjust beliefs, practices and structures that perpetuate patriarchy and the exploitation of women in the Church and society.

  • that will promote a Christian discipleship of equals as a gospel imperative.

  • that will be a voice for Christian women at the National Level.

  • that invites all Christians to join hands with us to further this vision.


ICWM is committed to the following objectives:

  • To be an advocacy group that will speak out against violence,  and speak up for the rights and dignity of women in civil and ecclesial structures;

  • To initiate campaigns of resistance against policies and power games that lead to the diminishment, humiliation and death of women;

  • To promote capacity-building for women’s social, cultural, political and ecclesial leadership;

  • To facilitate the mainstreaming of women’s knowledge and knowledge building;

  • To partner with existing Christian women’s organizations to further gender justice, feminist theology , ecological restoration and social transformation;

  • To support justice issues of Dalits, tribals and other subaltern, marginalized groups, and  provide them with services and resources in emergencies;

  • To establish a bridge between Christian women’s organizations and Church organizations as well as interfaith initiatives that address women’s concerns.

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